Each Basin Costs About:   $180,000.00

Contributed So Far: $6000.00


Basins Built


Lives Improved

Did You Know?

how it works

Give Water Give Life

Give Water, Give Life was initially created in Burkina Faso, Africa just south of the Sahara Desert where only 28 inches of rain falls each year. Built as a self-help organization, the goal is to provide access to safe water to those that otherwise would not have it. Our mission is to create properly constructed village rainwater catchment basins that collect rainfall in order to provide villagers with drinking water, water reserves for crops and animals, and to most importantly eliminate sickness within these communities.

Our Impact

With your help we can provide hope and the most important element of life by constructing village rainwater catchment basins that will not only provide safe drinking water, but help with agricultural and other life essential uses.


Our village-based rainwater catchment basins provide year round water for agriculture & economic development, achieving sustainability at $45 per person served.

The Give Water Give Life program is unique because we use NASA Satellite Images to locate water under the ground, and then dig a large hole above it. This becomes a rainwater catchment basin, which catches and stores rain. The basin is placed over the aquifer so that collected rainwater can seep in and raise the water table. Basin lining and porosity is engineered to maintain the basin’s water level and to restore the aquifer. Thus water is available year round. With water every day of the year, the residents of rural Burkina Faso can survive, and thrive.

Old efforts focus on new or existing wells but do not address the critical problem of falling water tables & seasonal availability. Simply drilling wells will not change the fact that wells are currently only active seasonally, and building standard surface ponds cannot utilize the existing well infrastructure or the added storage capacity of aquifers. With sustainable rainwater catchment basins, the country can scale to the size required to fully address food production issues.

How It Works

Build A Catchment Basin


Villagers organize, develop a plan, and dig a large engineered hole. Everyone in the village participates. A rainwater catchment basin provides year round water for agriculture and economic development.

Rain Fills Basin


The basin catches rainwater – that only falls 3 to 4 months of the year. Ground water recharge technology increases storage capacity. Designed and maintained correctly, the basin retains water each day of the year, which is essential to survival of village residents.

Evaporation Occurs


Rainwater collected in the basin is substantial and as it evaporates helps create clouds to improve the whole rain cycle in the area.

Full Foresting of Crops


With water available year round, village residents enhance food security, improve health status, reduce outward migration by creating employment, and halt environmental degradation. The lives of women and children are greatly improved, children no longer need to collect water but can attend school, and women can garden year round and create small enterprises.

The Effects of a Basin

Drinking Water


Clean Sanitation


Water for Crops


Sustainable Enviroment